March, 2005


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UPDATED: Reporters' Sources: April 12, 2003
UPDATED: Reporters' Sources: April 13, 2003
UPDATED: Reporters' Sources: April 14, 2003

This month's issue focuses on the reporting of the looting of the Iraq National Museum that occurred on April 10 and 11, 2003. The majority of news articles that appeared in the days after the discovery of the break-in of the museum were often flawed and it would be months before a more accurate accounting took place. Here we take a closer look at the story itself and the questions it raises about the media's reliability and credibilty in today's information marketplace.

Our feature article for this quarter is Iraq Antiquities Revisited, a magazine-style piece that offers the reader all the necessary background information to be able to follow the other essays, articles, and files. If you prefer the article with references, then try Iraq Antiquities Revisited (with Endnotes).

If you want a quick review of the major events, use the Chronology file.

Basic Research and Composition is a very brief account of the behind-the-scenes work behind this issue's featured article, "Iraq Antiquities Revisited."

In Reporters' Sources I analyze a handful of articles for the sources that were used.

One can find interesting debates about the media today in the blogosphere. Rose and Schuster is just one example.

New articles and essays will be added over the next three months.


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